We're More than Just Angry About the AIG Bailout.

People - Richard Thompson 1A personal request from Richard Thompson, President of the Thomas More Law Center

AIG – We’re More Than Just Angry About the AIG Bailout – We Filed a Federal Lawsuit to Stop Its Impermissible Use. 
And we need your help.

Dear TMLC Supporter:

Washington politicians, pretending they had nothing to do with it, are expressing their shock and anger at the $165 million in bonuses AIG paid to its top executives. 

Now we learn that AIG distributed billions of the $170 billion bailout funds U. S. taxpayers gave them overseas to foreign banks.

Is this what these politicians mortgaged the financial future of our children and grandchildren for?

AIG - AIG BuildingYou probably agree, AIG’s arrogance and greed is only matched by the incompetence of the political “leaders,” who gave them billions in bailout funds with little concern over how it was to be spent. 

As you know, the politicians didn’t even read the bailout legislation before they voted on it.  And our President signed it.

Sure, all Americans should be angry and outraged with AIG, but YOU can do something about it.

In December 2008, the Thomas More Law Center filed a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Treasury Secretary and the Federal Reserve Board to stop the impermissible use of bailout funds by AIG. 

Now, Department of Justice attorneys out of Washington (supported by our tax dollars) have entered the case to defend the AIG bailout.  They recently filed a motion to dismiss the case.  In a nutshell, the basis of their defense is that there is a crisis (an excuse for everything in Washington these days).
But regardless of the merits of our case, we know we can’t match the financial resources of the Justice Department.  That’s why I’m asking for your financial help.

Can you chip in $25 so we can stop the AIG bailout? 

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As you know, all of the Thomas More Law Center’s legal services are without charge.  So, we must rely on private donations from individuals like you to help stop the AIG bailout.

According to our lawsuit, the U.S. government, through its ownership of AIG, which promotes Shariah-compliant financing, is not only violating the Establishment Clause of the Constitution, but it is also financing the destruction of America using American tax dollars.

The basis of our lawsuit is that AIG explicitly promotes Shariah-compliant financing, which subjects certain of their financial activities to the dictates of Islamic law.  In fact, AIG brags about its Shariah-compliant financing on its website and in their press releases.

Now here is something more to be outraged about.

You should know that Shariah law is the body of Islamic law based on the Koran, which is used to demand the destruction of the United States.  This is the same law championed by Osama bin Laden and the Taliban.  This is the same law that prompted the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks on our soil that killed thousands of innocent American civilians.


AIG - Shariah Law

Shariah law is the same law that justifies beheadings, beatings, stonings, and amputations for petty crimes in places like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Sudan.  It is the same law that demands the murder of infidels.  It calls for the persecution of Christians and Jews. 

It is the same law that represses women as second class citizens.

AIG (read our government) employs a three-person Shariah Advisory Board, from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Pakistan, to ensure the requirements of Shariah law are met in its investments.

The U.S. Treasury Department and Harvard University co-sponsored a seminar in November 2008 entitled “Islamic Financing 101” to promote Shariah financing among American institutions.  Harvard is one of the many American universities and colleges receiving millions of dollars from oil-producing countries, which ultimately influence their Middle East programs. 

The Thomas More Law Center’s lawsuit was filed in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan on behalf of Kevin J. Murray, a former Marine infantryman who served two tours of duty in Iraq.  Co-counsel on the case is David Yerushalmi, an expert on Shariah law and Shariah-compliant financing, who is affiliated with the Law Center and is general counsel to the Center for Security Policy.

Use of taxpayer funds to acquire a majority ownership interest in a company that intentionally promotes and funds Shariah-based Islamic religious practices violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  

Greed is destroying whatever loyalty to America AIG had.  And it’s up to the American people to stop Washington’s financial support of an organization that so easily betrays America’s interests.


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Things are worse.

An important element of Shariah-compliant financing is a form of obligatory charitable contribution called zakat. This is a religious tax for assisting those that “struggle [jihad] for Allah.”  The amount of this tax is between 2.5% and 20%, depending upon the source of the wealth.  The zakat religious tax is used to financially support Islamic “charities,” some of which have ties to terrorist organizations that are hostile to the United States and all other “infidels,” including Christians and Jews.

For example, The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, recently convicted by a federal jury for providing millions of dollars to Islamic terrorist organizations, is an Islamic “charity” that qualifies for receipt of the zakat

Thus, as a direct consequence of the AIG bailout, the U.S. government is now the owner of a corporation engaged in the business of collecting religious taxes to fund operations that are anti-America, anti-Christian, and anti-Israel.

As you can see, our lawsuit is as much about protecting constitutional principles as it is about protecting our national security and preventing another 9/11 – whether it is overt through flying planes into buildings, or covert through appropriating taxpayer money to fund a stealth jihad.

So Please Contribute Now.


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Richard Thompson
President and Chief Counsel

P.S.  This is a fight for the financial future of our children and grandchildren and generations to come.  You can do more than just get angry.  Please help us with this lawsuit to stop the AIG bailout. This fight is too important to leave to the Washington politicians.  Please remember your donation is tax-deductible.


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