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Data Mining –
This section includes reports from the US Department of Education and P-20 database partners explaining how data is collected, stored and used. 



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Corporate Interests in Common Core

Stop Common Core Groups by State

Note: State groups marked with an * are hosted by Facebook and may require a Facebook account or login. State groups marked with a ** are either national groups or chapters of national groups.


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Name of Group
Alabama Alabamians United for Excellence in Education 
Alaska Alaskans Against Common Core*
Arizona Arizonans Against Common Core 
Arkansas Arkansas Against Common Core
California Californians United Against Common Core 
Colorado Parents and Educators Against Common Core Curriculum in Colorado*
Connecticut Connecticut Against Common Core
Delaware Delaware Against Common Core*
of Columbia
Florida Stop Common Core Southeast Florida
Florida Florida Stop Common Core Coalition
Florida Florida Parents R.I.S.E.
Florida Opt Out Orlando
Florida Moms Against Duncan** *
Florida Floridians Against Common Core 
Florida Florida Citizen’s Alliance
Georgia Georgians to Stop Common Core *
Georgia Stop Common Core in Georgia 
Hawaii Stop Common Core Hawaii 
Idaho Idahoans Against Common Core 
Idaho Stop Common Core in Idaho *
Illinois Stop Common Core Illinois 
Indiana Hoosiers Against Common Core
Iowa Stop Common Core in Iowa*
Iowa Concerned Women for America/ Iowa**
Kansas Kansans Against Common Core 
Kentucky Kentuckians Against Common Core
Louisiana  Stop Common Core in Louisiana* 
Louisiana  Parents and Educators Against Common Core Curriculum in Louisiana* 
Maine No Common Core in Maine
Maryland Stop Common Core in Maryland*
Maryland Marylanders Against Common Core*
Massachusetts Stop Common Core Massachusetts*
Michigan  Stop Common Core in Michigan
Minnesota  Minnesotans Against Common Core 
Mississippi Stop Common Core in Mississippi 
Missouri Missouri Coalition Against Common
Montana  Montanans Against Common Core 
Nebraska  Nebraska Family Forum
Nevada Stop Common Core Nevada 
Stop Common Core in New Hampshire*
New Jersey The Committee to Combat Common Core Curriculum 
New Mexico NM Refuse the Tests (Great resources) 
New York Stop Common Core in New York
New York Stop Common Core in New York State 
Stop Common Core NC 
Stop Common Core in North Dakota*
Ohio Ohioans Against Common Core
Oklahoma Stop Common Core in Oklahoma*
Oklahoma Restore Oklahoma Public Education 
 Oregon  Oregon Save Our Schools
Oregon Stop Common Core in Oregon*
Oregon Parents Rights in Education
Pennsylvania Pennsylvanians Against Common Core
Stop Common Core in RI* 
Stop Common Core in South Carolina*
South Carolina Parents Involved in Education 
South Dakotans Against Common Core 
Tennessee  Tennessee Against Common Core 
Texas Concerned Women for America**
Texas Women on the Wall
Texas  Texans Against CSCOPE*
Utah Utahns Against Common Core 
Vermont Stop Common Core in VT*
Virginia  Virginians Concerned About K-12 Education*
Washington Stop Common Core in Washington State 
WV Against the Common Core 
Wisconsin Stop Common Core in Wisconsin*
Wyoming  Wyoming Against the Common Core 


Wyoming Citizens Opposing Common Core 



State Test Refusal Forms