Key Issues

The Thomas More Law Center is the “Sword and Shield for People of Faith”, providing legal representation without charge to defend and protect Christians and patriotic Americans in the public square. The Law Center accomplishes its mission in the following areas through litigation, education, and related activities.

  • Defending the Religious Freedom of Christians

    The Christian values upon which this Nation was founded are under attack. The ACLU and like-minded organizations are using sympathetic courts to destr.

  • Restoring Family Values

    Traditional marriage and family are under attack by Hollywood, the secular media, and radical homosexual groups who demand the legalization of same-se.

  • Defending the Sanctity of Human Life

    The right to life is our most fundamental human right. Yet, we live in a culture where abortion is a daily tragedy and euthanasia a grim reality. For.

  • Confronting the Threat of Radical Islam

    Radical Muslims and Islamic organizations in America take advantage of our legal system and are waging a “Stealth Jihad” within our borders. Their aim.

  • Defending National Security

    The Thomas More Law Center supports America’s First Military Principles of Virtue, Honor, Patriotism and Subordination, established by John Adams in 1.