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by Christine Niles

Catholic founder Richard Thompson speaks with Church Militant on his fight to restore America’s moral foundations

In the face of widening anti-Christian bigotry, one non-profit is pushing back against the secularization of America.

The Thomas More Law Center, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a law firm that specializes in protecting religious freedom, free speech and other civil rights. Its cases include a first-of-its-kind lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a federal refugee resettlement program in Tennessee, claiming it is a violation of the 10th Amendment and the principles of state sovereignty. It provides all legal representation free for those cases it accepts.

Richard Thompson, founder of the Thomas More Law Center and a devout Catholic, sat down with Church Militant to speak about his organization and its work.

Our mission “is to promote and restore America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and moral values, including the sanctity of human life, the religious freedom of Christians, and now also the sovereignty and independence of the United States of America,” Thompson told Church Militant.

Thompson, a prosecutor for a number of years, founded the Thomas More Law Center after realizing how the U.S. Supreme Court is wielding its power to contribute to America’s moral decline.

“Nine, unelected judges holding lifetime appointments were determining all the major issues facing the country,” he commented. “They had an agenda that was attempting to de-Christianize America.”

“Starting back in the 1960s, they ended school prayer; they ended Bible reading; they ended the moment of silence in schools because they said children might use that moment of silence to pray, and that was not allowed,” he explained. “They also stopped displaying the Ten Commandments on school walls because the Court said, even though the Ten Commandments are just there without any kind of teaching lesson, children might stop, read, meditate upon and follow the Ten Commandments, and they said this was not appropriate.”

“All this happened by Supreme Court fiat,” Thompson noted, “so we realized the battle had to be fought in the court rooms, and that’s why the Thomas More Law Center exists.”

On the Tennessee refugee resettlement case currently being litigated, he commented, “Several of the states that have opted out of that program still have to pay for all of the welfare benefits of that program that used to be paid for by the federal government.”

Catholic Charities is making “anywhere from 90 million to 110 million dollars a year” off resettling refugees. These organizations “now take over the function of the state, and they get money for each refugee they bring in, so there is this conflict of interest that, the more refugees that can come into the state, the more money they get,” he said.

Another major case for the Thomas More Law Center involves a lawsuit filed against 14 pro-life demonstrators by the N.Y. Attorney General. During depositions, the law firm discovered that “there was a direct feed from the abortion facility to the attorney general’s office, where they were videotaping what was going on in the streets; then they came down against these 14 individuals.”

A surprising discovery was that George Soros is funding the same abortion facility as well as the N.Y. attorney general. “Pro-life sidewalk counselors are being attacked by law enforcement who owe allegiance to the people that contribute to them,” Thompson observed, “and many times they are the people that support abortion.”

Individuals who need help may contact the Thomas More Law Center, which will vet the requests to determine if they fall within their mission and they have the resources to take on the case. “Our legal assistance is without charge; it’s all free,” Thompson explained. “We depend on donations to keep our organization going.”

He vows to continue the fight against secularism, even in the face of overwhelming odds. “The battles are all across the country,” he said. “The culture is being undermined by secularists who have tons and tons of money.”

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