242 Years Ago, Today—The Battle That Saved the American Revolution

242 years ago, today, December 26, 1776, General George Washington and his army crossed the howling, ice-covered, Delaware River and in the Battle of Trenton, New Jersey, defeated the Hessian mercenaries hired by the British. Washington’s audacious action saved the American Revolution. Washington was facing a British Army, which was well clothed, and well-equipped, while his army was still in their summer uniforms, many without shoes and short of supplies. His army as well as the colonists were demoralized because of the many defeats and desertions.  The Second Continental Congress retreated from New York to Philadelphia. Many colonists had serious doubts about winning the war. Nevertheless, Washington fought on. In his surprise attack that morning, Washington’s forces captured 1,000 prisoners and seized much-need munitions. 22 Hessians were killed and 98 wounded. Only three Americans were killed and six wounded.  Sensing the importance of his actions, Washington’s password for that day.

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