Erin Mersino brings her baby to work every day; Thomas More Law Center Attorney Profiled in the Detroit Legal News

news_img_3475She brings her baby to work every day.  A recent feature article in the Detroit Legal News highlighted Thomas More Law Center’s Trial Counsel Erin Mersino.  Legal News reporter Jo Mathis, who recently visited the Law Center’s offices, highlighted Erin’s accomplishments at TMLC, managing the demands of being a full-time trial lawyer litigating high profile constitutional issues while at the same time caring for her three-month old baby boy, Colin.  She and her husband, Paul, an attorney with a large Detroit law firm welcomed their new baby in early November.

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Her mere presence destroys one of the main arguments the Government has been using to justify the HHS Mandate, namely, contraceptives are necessary for women to plan their pregnancies in order to succeed in the work place.

In 2012 Mersino, as lead counsel in two HHS lawsuits, gained national prominence after securing victories in both cases.

TMLC filed a lawsuit in May 2012, on behalf of Michigan-based Weingartz Supply Company, and its president Daniel Weingartz, and Legatus, an organization of Catholic business leaders.  In September 2012, while Erin was over seven and a half months pregnant, she argued a motion for Preliminary Injunction to stop implementation of the HHS mandate against her clients before Federal District Judge Robert H. Cleland, of the Eastern District of Michigan.   She won.  The Government is appealing the case to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In TMLC’s second HHS case Mersino represents Catholic philanthropist Thomas Monaghan and his corporate management company, Domino’s Farms Corporation.  This time, while she was home on maternity leave within a period of little more than two weeks Erin prepared and filed the complaint, and was granted a Temporary Restraining Order by Federal District Court Judge Lawrence P. Zatkoff.

Erin completed her maternity leave and returned to work full-time in January 2013.   She is currently litigating several other high profile TMLC cases dealing with religious liberty, free speech, national security and the threat of radical Islam.

DSC_0386 (2) croppedShe arrives early each morning with baby in tow.  He sleeps in her office for a great part of the day.   But when needed, her colleagues happily assist with the new baby.

Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Law Center commented, “We are indeed fortunate and blessed to have Erin and Colin with us.  First of all she is an outstanding attorney, committed to the Law Center’s mission.  The presence of Colin in the office is a constant reminder why we are fighting this culture war, and who we are fighting it for—America’s future generations.”

Thompson continued, “An added benefit is the tremendous morale boost and cohesion Colin has brought to us all. Throughout the day, the staff, including me, take quick peeks to see how Colin is doing, trying to get him to smile, and of course, talk.  The staff takes turns holding him and taking him for a stroller ride down the long halls of the Domino’s office building complex.”

Erin Mersino joined TMLC two years ago.  She previously worked as an assistant prosecutor in Oakland County, MI.  She is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the Ave Maria School of Law.  In addition to three-month old Colin, Erin and her husband Paul are the proud parents of four year-old JT.

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