This Memorial Day, Honor Those Soldiers Who Died That We May Live Free — Resolve You Will Not Let Their Sacrifices Be For Naught

On Memorial Day we honor the soldiers who fought and died that we may live free. From the earliest beginnings of our nation to the present time, they gave the last full measure of devotion. Today, the freedoms which they so heroically defended, are under attack from within. The Judeo-Christian foundations of our nation are crumbling. Discontent and disorder prevail in our cities. Patriotism is replaced with Globalism. Public virtue is gone. Public depravity dominates. But freedom is never won by politicians, political speeches, community organizers, or court decisions. It is won by the blood and sacrifice of soldiers. So, on this Memorial Day I encourage you and your family to take a few minutes to prayerfully remember those who made that ultimate sacrifice. Resolve that you will not let their sacrifices be for naught. You may want to watch the 3 videos (in BLUE) as a means of solemn.

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